WarpCon: The Must-Attend Convention for Gamers in Ireland

The WarpCon Gaming Convention in UCC Cork Ireland

The WarpCon Gaming Convention is a popular event that takes place annually in the University College Cork (UCC), Cork City, Ireland. The convention has been running for over 30 years and is known as one of Ireland’s biggest gaming events.

The History of WarpCon

In 1989, a group of gamers at the University College Cork decided to hold a small gaming convention. The event increased in popularity each year, and by 1995, the convention had a name for itself as WarpCon. In 2007, WarpCon attracted its largest number of attendees to date, with over 600 people attending the event. The convention has continued to grow in size and popularity ever since.

What Happens at WarpCon?

WarpCon is a three-day event that features a wide range of tabletop and video gaming activities. The convention is attended by gamers of all ages, nationalities and gaming preferences. Tabletop games include board games, card games and role-playing games. Video games feature classics and new releases across various platforms including PCs, consoles and handheld devices.

At WarpCon, attendees participate in various tournaments, compete in board game championships, and learn new games from fellow enthusiasts. Each year, the convention also offers an extensive line-up of role-playing games. These games range from established classics, to entirely new and original games developed by attendees.

Guest Speakers and Activities

WarpCon also boasts an impressive line-up of guest speakers and personalities. These gaming industry experts and influencers provide talks, participate in panel discussions to entertain and educate the audience. Attendees have the chance to meet and interact with their favourite developers, learn about new gaming inventions, and gain insight into the gaming industry.

The convention also features a trade hall. Here, vendors sell gaming-related merchandise, including boards, cards, miniatures, and accessories. Attendees can choose from exciting gaming products, often at a lower price than retail.

The Community at WarpCon

One of the main reasons people attend WarpCon is because of the community feel of the event. Gamers from different backgrounds and cultures come together to share a love and common interest for all things gaming. The convention provides a friendly and inclusive environment, where attendees can make new friends, challenge themselves and share their passion for gaming with others.


In summary, WarpCon is a must-attend event for any avid gamer. It offers a unique and exciting experience that caters to all gaming preferences, from tabletop to video games. Not only do attendees get a chance to participate in tournaments and try new games, but they also get to interact with industry experts and influencers. The convention provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about new gaming inventions and gain insight into the gaming industry. Above all, WarpCon provides a friendly and inclusive environment where attendees can make new friends and share their passion for gaming with others. If you’re a gamer looking for an unforgettable experience, make sure to add WarpCon to your list of must-attends.

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